Stephen Wise

Hi, I’m Stephen Wise.
I am a certified life coach, keynote speaker, Leadership mentor, author, and entrepreneur.

Stephen Wise got certified as a Happiness Coach with the Transformation Services, Inc., Master Life Coach at The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. His other skills acquired include: Leadership mentoring(expert), Anger management, Essential Management skill, from the International Business Management INSTITUTE IBMI, Berlin Germany. Wise is a successful entrepreneur, a member of Toastmasters International Club.

I will help you bring out the potentials in you to achieve happiness. Feel at home, browse and contact me for help.

Nomel Gilomgos

Stephen is truly an inspiring individual. His selflessness and commitment to excellence is infectious. His focus on the positives is also commendable.

Although he is already an amazing life coach, he joined Toastmasters to further improve himself. He believes learning does not stop. His personal stories are very relatable.

Anyone who desires to improve themselves may very well learn a lesson or two from Stephen.

Finally, he is a personification of happiness, an affirmation to his focus on the positive. It is a privilege to learn and grow with Stephen.

Daniel Francis

"The incredible thing about Stephen Wise's outlook to happiness is that it promises process and not destination – a thing we have dared to forget. A good philosopher, a coach, and an orator, Stephen Wise Boniface is making himself available to anyone who needs services that cuts across the quest to be happy, work ethics, and of course the evolution of the human potential for success. Corporate entities, married couples, and the youths in every part of the world needs a persona like Stephen. Want to be helped? Then contact Stephen!”

Edralin Paul Gascon

"Stephen Wise is known for his outstanding personality. As astonishing credibility as a life coach. He makes you to be aware of yourself and become the best version of you. He has talked so many people into self awareness, leadership and integrity. The best I could to anyone that need self- development is to recommend he/she to Coach Wise, TM.”

Collen Deeb

"My contact with Stephen, made me remember past great personalities among black race. Stephen is a compelling author, dynamic speaker, and great leader. His messsge is powerful and life changing. I testify!”

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