You Too Can Be Happy

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In eight chapters of this great work of art, Stephen makes an exhaustive attempt at establishing the fact that happiness is not just a part and parcel of human existence, but that humans are condemned to seek for happiness. By seeking to define it, x-raying the many perspectives shared in the past by philosophers, listing ways to seek happiness, Stephen Wise embraces a daring challenge. He courageously toed the line of factual presentations, opening the reader to a dialogue with self, obviously hoping to tilt choices overwhelmingly to the positive. That is brevity. Chapter four is open up for discussion in many homes and gatherings.
Stephen’s style of writing is a mix of sophistry, academic dissertation and casualness of presentation. These give the book the flavours that thrill the heart of a researcher, placate the sensuality of ordinariness in a casual reader, and excite the palate of a historian. Stephen Wise unites these three by using diction that is easy to flow with.


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